The Great Dane is a giant and regal dog, who needs special care in the way of feeding and care. Here, we believe in a more holistic way of raising our dogs, and with this attitude, we have added years onto the lifespan of the Great Dane. 

Here at Cilka, we do everything possible to ensure our puppies have the healthiest start they possibly can. This includes rigorous health testing including Hips, heart, Thyroid, and CERF. Upon completion of health testing, the dog is issued a CHIC (canine health information centre) number. All of our health testing is available for your viewing here:

  Our dogs are house dogs living with us in our house with our children and family. They are NOT kennel dogs. The Great Dane is too sensitive a dog to be left tied outside to rot in a back yard and also doesn't do well in Large Kennel facilities. Danes thrive on human companionship and Love.

    Also included is feeding a premium Raw diet (organic wherever possible) and we have had nothing but shiny coats and healthy dogs. The proof is in the pudding. Things we feed include but are not limited to: Chicken frames, necks, backs, legs, pork necks, beef ribs, liver, kidney, heart, lamb off cuts, turkey carcass, wild poultry, elk, deer moose, and of course occasional blended veggies with eggs. All parts of the animal are eaten here, bones, meat and offal. The entire diet is RAW. NO cooked bones ever. 

  Cilka dogs are on a limited vaccine schedule with occasional titer testing done to ensure there are antibodies to disease. After careful consideration, the risks outweigh the benefits of vaccination for the Sensitive Great Dane. Priority will be given to homes that are willing to follow a limited vaccine schedule.

    All Cilka puppies go home with our 40 page puppy packet which includes diet, growth, general information, photos of your puppies sire and dam, pedigree, kennel history, lineage history and more.

  I am the author of "Basics of Canine Nutrition" a course offered by the British Institute of Homeopathy - USA.  This course is available via distance learning with a full time tutor available to you. The course is divided into 10 segments, starting with the history of kibbles and the history of Canines right through to feeding for different life stages and disease. Veterinarians, holistic practitioners, groomers and other animal experts have taken the course all doing very well. I Invite you to have a look, it may just be the course for you. 

  Feel free to contact for more information on diet, or disease. We would be happy to provide you with information.

For more information on diet, and vaccine, please feel free to contact by email, or phone and we would be happy to provide you with information.

If you would like a referral to another good breeder please contact me. Also, please look at the Great Dane Club of Canada for a breeders list. It is important to choose a breeder who shows their breeding stock, trials them in obedience ant other venues. There is no other point to breeding a dog if it cannot be purebred, registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, Health tested (Hips, heart, thyroid, eyes) and shown to a Championship.

Kristi Schenk, CRSP
Great Dane Information