Cilka Great Danes, located in Leduc County Alberta are raised naturally now for a healthier future. We are as equally dedicated to our clients as we are our dogs, being here 24/7 for phonecalls, advice and support. 

  We utilize health testing in our dogs including but not limited to heart, hips, thyroid and eyes to help us better understand and TRY to eliminate genetic disease. 
   We have assumed the kennel name "Cilka" which was started and has been known for over 30 years by our mentor and dear  Irena Kucera. Please see the history on the original Cilka Kennel dogs.

   Members in good standing of Canadian Kennel Club and we abide by the codes of ethics put forth by these clubs. 

Here are some definitions you may need when looking at our multi titled dogs who are American Kennel Club and Canadian Kennel Club registered:

CD- Companion Dog - Obedience title
Ch- Canadian Champion
RN- Rally Novice - Rally Obedience
RA- Rally Advanced - Rally Obedience
RE- Rally Excellent - Rally Obedience
CGN- Canine Good Neighbour
CHIC- Canine health information centre number, indicating all health tests have been passed.
VGD- Versatile Great Dane given by the Great Dane club of Canada
VGDX- Versatile Great Dane Excellent given by the Great Dane club of Canada
VGDCh - Versatile Great Dane Champion - Great Dane club of Canada
LVA- Lifetime versatility award given by Great Dane club of Canada
HOF- Hall of fame
ROM- Register of Merit - For siring a number of champions.

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