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Will you feed this puppy a raw diet?
How many hours per day will the puppy be alone due to work/ school commitments?
Do you agree to provide this puppy with training and socialization classes to help this puppy become an ambassador of their breed?

Do you have other pets/ Dogs? - If so, Please include the current age/ breed/ sex in the final description box below

Have you ever abandoned an animal to a shelter?

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Do you wish to breed this dog?
Does anyone in your family have allergies to dogs?
Do you understand that we have an extensive wait list and that we prefer homes willing to wait for a quality puppy?
Do you understand that any puppy from Cilka is to be treated as a member of the family and never left outdoors, chained or tied up and is not to ride loose in the box of pick up trucks or be left in a cage all day? 
Do you understand that any puppy from Cilka is required to be walked daily regardless of weather conditions and be provided with puppy socialization classes?
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