Application for a Great Dane puppy

Use this application to be placed on our waiting list. PLEASE be sure to include your name or phone number!!
1. Which sex would you prefer, Male or Female?
2. Which color do you prefer, Black, Mantle, Merle, Harlequin or No Prefrence?
3.  What is your intention with this puppy, Pet, show, preformance etc?
6.  Do you have a fenced yard?
5.  Are you willing to raw feed or try your best to holistically raise this puppy?
9. Why do you want a Great Dane, and do you understand how large and sensitive they are? Also tell us a bit about yourself.
10. Would you like to be placed on our waiting list?
**Note** ALL applications will be reviewed, and we will contact you within 10 business days. Applicants who are willing to raw feed and follow our vaccination schedule will be given prefrence. Also homes willing to show will also be given prefrence. 
Please remember to include all contact information so we can get back to you. Applications without e-mail or phone contacts lack a way for us to get into contact with you. 
We will do everything to ensure your new family member is healthy and happy!
8. Please enter your personal information below. Including e-mail, and phone.
4. Are you willing to let the breeder show a puppy of yours to a Championship?
7. Are you willing to stay in contact with the breeder for the lifetime of your puppy to provide occasional updates and pictures?
8. Does everyone in your family work during the day? If so, how and where will the puppy be kept?
11. Do you understand that a Great Dane cannot sleep outside during any time of the year, and that this dog must be treated as part of the family?

12. How are you planning to holistically raise this puppy? Also, have you read any websites or books that are specific to this breed? Do you have a source of raw food near you? Please share what you know with us
13. Please enter all of your personal information below, including the best ways to reach you by phone, and e-mail. Please include any additional questions or comments you may have so we can better assess your personality and try to match you with the companion that best fits your life.